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DNS: Point Your Domain To: NS10.DNSERVE.NET and NS11.DNSERVE.NET

I only host those who purchase websites from me.

I will host your purchased site on my hosting with my dedicated ip on my shared hosting.

I will maintain your site as long as it is hosted with me, your free to move your site at anytime but no help offered, you must move it yourself, and cancel your monthly Paypal subscription.

If any updates are added to a site you purchased, I will updated it as long as I'm hosting it.

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Disk Quota: 1000 MB:

Monthly Bandwidth: 100,000 MB:

Max. FTP Accounts: 2:

Max.Email Accounts: 2:

Max. Data Bases: 2:

Max. Sub Domains: 5:

Max Parked Domains: 2:

Max. Addon Domains: 2:

I have good standing with my hosting providers and will not stand for any kind of abuse on my hosting account, so I will monitor every hosting account daily to make sure everyone is playing by the rules.

Monthly Hosting: $5.00 Monthly Subscription!

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